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Liao Mingfu

Liao Mingfu

PhD, Professor

Discipline:Aero engines, Machine Dynamics, Wind Power



Research Interests

1. Structure dynamics and aerodynamics of aircraft engines and wind turbines

2. Active and passive reduction of vibrations in aircraft engines and wind turbines

3. Rotor balancing of rotating machinery

4. Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of rotating machinery and wind turbines

5. Simulation and experimental investigation of dynamic behaviors of rotating machinery

6. Design of wind turbines

7. Control of wind turbines

8. Measurement and certification of wind turbines


PhD, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1995

MSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1985

BSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1982


1. Mechanical vibration

2. Rotor dynamics

3. Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of rotating machinery

4. Aerodynamics of wind turbines

5. Structure design and structure dynamics of wind turbines


Member,Rotor dynamics, China Association of Vibration Engineering


u09,2014, Second Prize of National Teaching Achievement Award,

u01,2013, Outstanding award of Teaching Achievement Award of Shaanxi Province

u12, 2008 science and technology progress award

Professor Liao Mingfu, born in 1960, receives Special Allowance from State Council, is doctor supervisor and the director of the Institute of Monitoring and Control for Rotating Machinery and Wind Turbines NPU & TU Berlin. Prof. Liao has conducted joint cooperation in rotating machinery condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology research in Germany six for many years. Prof. Liao has one Germany & EU patent for invention and 18 Chinese patents. And he was awarded the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress. As a teacher, he was granted “National Teaching Achievement Award”, which is the highest teaching prize in China. Moreover, Prof. Liao received the first prize of “Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Progress” and many other provincial and ministerial level awards. What’s more, Prof. Liao is the expert of the of the State Major Basic Research Project Security Group and the leader of National Introduction of Foreign Intelligence Demonstration Unit. He is the member of the editorial committee forAero-engineandInternational Journal of Plant Engineering and Management.

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