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Pei Chengming

Pei Chengming


086-29- 88493956


Professor PEI Chengming graduated from Northwest University in 1983 with a degree in Mathematics and in 1986 obtained his MS in the School of Power & Energy studying the algorithms and applications of signal processing. He was promoted to the position of Professor in 1998 and became a Ph.D. supervisor in 2008. Because of the strong mathematical foundation, he has great insight in the field of data processing. Combining with many years’ projects practice, he has extensive experiences on theFlutter Testing Signal Analysis.


(1) Signal Processing, including nonlinear and non-stationary signal analysis

(2) Modern Measurement and Control Technology and its Applications

(3) System simulation

(4) Adaptive Structure and its Applications

Selected Publication:

(1) “Fast Time-Series Method of Modal Parameter Estimation”, IMAC'93, USA. Feb. 1993.

(2) “Flutter Testing Signal Analysis with Wavelet and Hopfield Neural Network”, JSASS 33rd Aircraft Symposium, Japan, Nov. 1995.

(3) “Identification of Aircraft Structural Modes with Sweep Excitation”, The Proc. of The 34th Aircraft International Symposium, Tottori, Japan, 1996.

(4) “Subspace Signal Retrieve Method for Flutter Test”,Journal of Sound and Vibration,(1999) 228(1), pp211-217.

(5) “Adaptive Joint Time-Frequency Analysis and Applications in Flutter”, CEAS/AIAA/NVvL International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics 2003.

(6) “A Recursive Method of Time-Frequency Analysis for the Signal Processing of Flutter Test with Progression Variable Speed”, Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, Vol. 18, No. 3, August, 2005, pp213-217.

(7) Estimation of frequency trajectories using parsimonious TVAR models with particle filters”, Eighth IMA International Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing, PROCEEDINGS,Dec.2008. Pp.46~50.

(8) “Efficient Frequencies Estimation Using Bayesian Approach For Parsimonious Time-Varying Auto-Regressions”, The 2nd International Conference on Future Computer and Communication, proceedings, May, 2010. (EI:20104413349668). Pp.v2-489~493.

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