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Fan Wei


Fan Wei


Discipline:Propulsion Theory and Engineering in

Aeronautics and Astronautics


Research Interests

1. Fundamentals and Applications of Pulse Detonation Engines

2. Combustion in Gas Turbine Engines

3. Combustion Theory and its Application


Dec.1998 — Dec.1999,Postdoc, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, USA

Sep.1995 — Nov.1998,Ph.D. in School of Power and Energy, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Sep.1988 — Jul.1991,M.S. in Department of Power Engineering, Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute, Dalian University of Technology, China

Sep.1984 — Jul.1988, B.S. in Department of Thermal Physics,Internal Combustion Power Engineering, Zhejiang University, China

Work Experience

May.2003 — Present, Professorand Doctoral SupervisorinSchool of Power and Energy,Northwestern PolytechnicalUniversity, China

Dec.2001 — Apr.2003, Professor in Department of Aero-Engine, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Dec.1991 —Dec.2001, Tutor, Lecturer and Associate Professor in Aero-Engine Department, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China





Granting Institutions



Outstanding Professor Award

Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education



Outstanding Teacher Award

Baogang Education

Fund Committee



Shaanxi ProvincePacemaker to Teachers ' morality

Shaanxi Province Education labor Union



The aero-engine combustion get "National Excellent Courses" title

Chinese Education Ministry



8th Youth Sci.-Tech Award

China Aviation Institute



Combustion Principle get Shaanxi Province "Excellent Courses" title

Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education



Universities in Shaanxi Province

Outstanding Youth Teacher

Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education



One of “New Century Excellent Talents in University” (NCET-04-0960)

Chinese Education Ministry



One of “ExcellentYoung TeacherProgram”

Chinese Education Ministry


1. Director, Combustion and Heat, Mass Transfer Sector of China AviationAssociation; Member, Power Branch ofChina Aviation Institute;

2. Final Reviewer for NSFC;

3. Expert of ××× Defense 973 Project Expert Group;

4. Editor in charge ofJournal of Aerospace Power.Combustion discipline;

5. Member, Editorial Board of,Journal of Propulsion Technology.(2013),Journal of Experiments in Fluid Mechanics.(2013),Combustion Sci. and Tech. (2009),Aero-engine(2009).

Selected Publications (“The First Author” or “Corresponding Author”)

[1] Ke Wang,Wei Fan*, Wei Lu, Fan Chen, Qibin Zhang, Chuanjun Yan.Study on a Liquid-Fueled and Valveless Pulse Detonation Rocket Engine without the Purge Process. Energy, 2014, 71(1): 605-614. SCI: 000338388000054. EI: 20142617863257.

[2] Ke Wang,Wei Fan*, Wei Lu, Fan Chen.One Method to Increase the Operating Frequency of Pulse Detonation Rocket Engines. Journal of Propulsion and Power, 2014, 30(2): 518-522. EI: 20141617591076; SCI: 000333536600027.

[3] Ke Wang,Wei Fan*, Xudong Zhu, Le Jin, Fan Chen.Experimental Studies on Rotary Valves for Single-Tube Pulse Detonation Rocket Engines. Proc IMechE Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 2014, 228(2): 262-270. SCI: 000329603700007. EI: 20141817667568.

[4] Peng Changxin,Wei Fan*, ZHENG Longxi, Wang Zhiwu. Yuan Cheng. Experimental Investigation on Valveless Air-breathing Dual-tube Pulse Detonation Engines. Applied Thermal Engineering. 2013, 51(1-2): 1116-1123. SCI: 000316036300116, EI: 20130215874729.

[5] Ke Wang,Wei Fan*, Yu Yan, Le Jin.Preliminary Studies on a Small-Scale Single-Tube Pulse Detonation Rocket Prototype. International Journal of Turbo & Jet Engines, 2013, 30(2): 145-151. SCI: 000324581500002 EI: 20134917055770.

[6] Ke Wang,Wei Fan*, Xudong Zhu, Yu Yan, Zhan Gao. Experimental Investigations on Effects of Wall-Temperature on Performance of a Pulse Detonation Rocket Engine. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 2013, 48(1): 230-237. SCI: 000319536900026. EI: 20131816293747.

[7] Le Jin,Wei Fan*, Zhencen Fan, Haoyi Song.Effect of Fuel Droplet Size and Injection Temperature on the Performance of Kerosene-Oxygen Pulse Detonation Rocket Engine [J]. Atomization and Sprays, 2013, 23 (8): 745–761 SCI: 000326203200005. EI: 20134717013323.

[8] Le Jin,Wei Fan*, Ke Wang and Zhan Gao.Review on the Recent Development of Multi-mode Combined Detonation Engine [J]. International Journal of Turbo & Jet Engines, 2013, 30(3): 303–312. SCI:000324582000009, EI: 20134917060879.

[9] Haoyi Song,Wei Fan*, Zhencen Fan, Le Jin. Experimental Study on Transcritical Spray of Liquid Aviation Kerosene [J]. Atomization and Sprays, 2013, 23 (7): 605–621. SCI: 000326203000003. EI: 20134116824906.

[10] LI Jian-ling,Wei Fan*, Yan Chuan-jun, Tu Hong-yan, Xie Kai-cheng. Performance Enhancement of a Pulse Detonation Rocket Engine [J]. Proceedings of the 33rd International Symposium on Combustion, 2011, 33(2):2243-2254. SCI:000285629000066. EI:20110513638641.

[11] Li Jian-ling,Wei Fan*, Wang Yu-qian, et al.Performance Analysis of the Pulse Detonation Rocket Engine (PDRE) Based on Constant Volume Cycle Model [J]. Applied Thermal Engineering, 2010, 30(11-12):1496-1504. SCI: 000278675300025. EI:20101712888185.

[12] Fan Zhen-cen,Wei Fan*, Tu Hong-yan, Li Jian-ling, Yan Chuan-jun. The Effects of Fuel Pretreatment on the Performance of Pulse Detonation Rocket Engine [J]. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 2012, 41:130–142. SCI: 000305591200016. EI: 20122215070895.

[13] Fan Zhen-cen,Wei Fan*, Zhao Lin, Song Hao-yi, Yan Chuan-jun. Experimental Study on Flash Atomization of Aviation Kerosene [J]. Atomization and Sprays, 2012, 22(2):163–183. SCI: 000309638200004. EI: 20123215325461.

[14] Li Jian-ling,Wei Fan*, Chen Wei, Wang Ke, Yan Chuan-jun.Propulsive Performance of a Liquid Kerosene/Oxygen Pulse Detonation Rocket Engine [J]. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 2011, 35(1):265-271. SCI:000284968900029. EI: 20104513361749.

[15] Li Jian-ling,Wei Fan*, Qiu Hua, et al. Preliminary Study of a Pulse Normal Detonation Wave Engine [J]. Aerospace Science and Technology, 2010, 14(3):161-167. SCI: 000276575400002. EI: 20101212780199.

[16] Peng Chang-xin,Wei Fan*, Zhang Qun, et al. Experimental Study of an Air-Breathing Pulse Detonation Engine Ejector [J]. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 2011, 35(6): 971-977. SCI: 000292076100012. EI: 20112214020647.

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