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Song Xiaoping

2012年庆三八 妇女典型

Song Xiaoping

Graduate of 2007, says women can take a tougher job as well.

Every morning when you heard a sound from a bicycle at the gate ofWindpower Co.of Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Corporation Ltd (XEMC), it must be Song Xiaoping, who was often asked by her colleagues, “Why don’t you drive to work?”

Low carbon lifestyle is the answer, and the same attitude to her work.

As a female doctor candidate, when offered a job by XEMC Windpower Co., her supervisor said to her, “it’s a challenging job, if you were a man, you can fulfill your dreams there, but you are not; a university or an institute suits your better”. She appreciated but instead took the job, “women can take a tougher job as well”.

When pursuing her degrees at NPU School of Power and Energy, she had the chance to go to Germany to study the wind power technology. When she saw the magnificent wind turbines there, she determined to build China’s own wind power industry.

Wind, heat, snow and ice, the challenging working condition did not scare Song away when she focused on how to improve the stability and reliability of wind turbine generators. Only five years she led her team overcame numerous technical difficulties and invented the first ever flat back airfoil composite material blade for wind power generating set in the world, thus paving the way for the rapid development of the wind power industry in China.

Miracles, one and another, brought by her team to the industry, and Song Xiaoping, just like the blooming camellia on her desk, embraces her full blossom in the career of China’s wind power generation.

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