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Axial-flow Compressor Test Rig

Person in charge: Prof. Chu Wuli

Main function of the test rig:

The rotate speed of the axial-flow compressor can be transformed between 0 and 15200rpm. The design mass flow and pressure ratio are 5.6kg/s and 1.25 respectively. Complicated unsteady flow phenomena such as stall, surge and reverse flow in compressor can be revealed in this test rig. The structure and size of the test section and exhaust section can be changed, forming single stage and double stages axial-flow compressor respectively. The research of the prediction of stall, casing treatment, distortion of inlet condition, blade tip blow, endwall contouring and variable inlet guide vane can be carried out on this test rig.

Main facilities (test facilities included):

Three-hole probe, Five-hole probe, Three-dimensional hot wire anemometer, 8300AU amplifier, 48-channel pressure test system, Kulite dynamic pressure sensor, Dynamic pressure signal acquisition system, NC-2A torque meter, Orifice plate flowmeter.


Fig. 1 Axial-flow compressor test rig

调整大小 IMG_0175

Fig. 2 48-channel pressure test system

Fig. 3 Dynamic pressure signal acquisition system

Research achievement:

1. The assessment of stall margin of axial-flow compressors. A large number of experimental studies have been carried out to study the different stall types and the characters of stall and surge.

2. The study of the flow mechanism of casing treatments. A kind of casing treatment which can both expand the stability margin and rise the efficiency has been designed. Meanwhile, a multitude of orthogonal experiments has been carried out with Honeywell Company (U.S.).

(a) Axial-skewed slots (b) Axial slots (c) Blade angled slots

Fig. 4 Slots

Fig. 5 Bend skewed slots Fig. 6 Circumferential grooves

3. The study of endwall contouring of axial-flow compressors.


Fig. 7 contouring endwall

4. The study of blade tip blow of axial-flow compressors. A large number of experiment studies have been carried out to study the influences of the size, number, location and angle of nozzles.

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