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Heat transfer and cooling Lab

Heat transfer and cooling technology play an important role in gas turbine as well as other hot part of modern thermo power plants. Implement film cooling to protect the surface of a blade, the air flow in the internal of the blade to take away the heat conducted in. all the technology should be harmonize to minimize the difference of temperature for lower thermo stress while achieve best cooling effect with cooling air as less as we can. The air system performance, such as seal, shaft force and system analyze, are also the area which focus on.

l Film cooling

Developing novel types of film cooling holes, exploring the new higher performance arrangement of film cooling holes, find out the effect of holes position on film cooling performance. Explain the mechanism of the interactive between the film cooling jet and flow in main channel.

1. Innovation of film cooling holes

2. Performance and mechanism investigation of film cooling

l Internal cooling

Find out the rule of normal internal cooling unit, including the ribbed channel, impingement, pin-fin, to satisfy the requirements of cooling design in industrial area. Explore novel methods to augment the internal heat transfer. Investigating the internal heat transfer performance as a integrated cooling channel. Improving the cooling effect and precision of thermo analyze.

1. Ribbed channel

Comparison of numerical and experimental results

2. Impingement

Impingement with angle in channel (experiment resaults)

Array impingement

3. Investigation on intergrated internal cooling channel


l Cooling structure design and thermo analyze

Design integrated cooling structure of blade based on film cooling and internal cooling experiment data. The thermo analyze is carried out by engineering software developed by our faculty.

l Character of air system components and system analyze

Research in air system components, such as labyrinth seals, aimed to find out the effect of parameter on performance. Complementing the experiment database and improving the air system analyze is also focus on.

l Research and development of engineering computational software

Several engineering computational software has been developed base on theory analyze, mechanism research and experimental data. All the copy rights of theses software are owned by ourselves.

l Mixing length blade boundary layer calculation program (STAN5)

l K-e model blade boundary layer calculation program

l Mixing length blade with film cooling calculation program (STANCOOL)

l Turbine blade coupled thermal analysis software

l Laminates blade thermal analysis software

l Engine heating network and air system coupled calculation software

l Afterburner combustion chamber cooling structure thermal analysis program

Faculty member:


Zhu Huiren


Doctor advisor

Leader of faculty

Xu Duchun

Senior Engineer

Zhang Li

Associate Professor

Master advisor

Guo Tao

Senior Engineer

Master advisor

Xu Weijiang

Associate Professor

Master advisor

Liu Cunliang

Associate Professor

Master advisor

Research facility:

l Transient Heat transfer and film cooling cascade wind tunnel

Cascade inlet Ma Number:0- 0.3

Cascade outlet Ma Number: 0-1.6

Cascade inlet Reynulds Number: 2×105-1.6×106

l Large scale cascade wind tunnel


l Rotation heat transfer experiment plant

Rotate speed: 0-1500n/s

IMG_0002 IMG_0005

l Parallel computation station

Number of computing Nodes: 20

l High speed parallel data acquisition system

l High speed thermo imager

l 3D hot wire anemometer

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