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Air-breathing Pulse Detonation Engine Laboratory

Pulse detonation engine (PDE) is a new kind of propulsion device which has been one of the three most promising and revolutionary propulsion technologies in the 21st Century. Air-breathing pulse detonation engine (APDE) is one of the key operating modes of the pulse detonation engine. The APDE have attracted a lot of attention due to its potential wide applications.

The Air-breathing Pulse Detonation Engine Laboratory was built up in 1994 under the support of the National Natural Science Foundation Project. Since then the Laboratory have been rebuilt and improved under the supports of the national defense science and industry committee, the equipment department of the air force, the general armament department and the national 211 key construction projects. Now three experimental platforms which can carry out small-scale principle experiments of the pulse detonation engine have been built up. One of the platforms is mainly used to perform some fundamental studies of the air-breathing pulse detonation engine, another for the research of the technology of the pulse detonation engine as a duct heater, while the last one is for investigations of a hybrid pulse detonation turbine engine. There are many supporting systems in this laboratory which can realize different functions such as the automatic data acquisition system, advanced laboratory benches, multi-mode operated experimental devices, advanced experimental monitoring systems and gas analysis systems.

The laboratory is a part of the new Concept of Jet Propulsion Technology Key Laboratory of Fundamental Science for National Defense in Northwestern Polytechnical University. The laboratory was experiencing a development and improvement process in the past years under the supports of the nationally significant projects such as the key project of National Natural Science Fund, the key projects for basic research of National Defense and the pre-research project of the air force equipment department. Many young teachers grew up during these years. Now the research group becomes a young, energetic, innovative research team which includes one professor, three associate professors and an engineer. Sixteen students obtained their Doctor degrees and more than fifty students got their Master degrees in the past years. More than 300 research papers have been published from this research group in the domestic and foreign academic journals. The research group has won the Second Prize of the Science & technology Development/Achievement of the State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry for three times. The investigations on the key technology of hybrid pulse detonation turbine engine have achieved the international leading level. The research group has made an important contribution to the development of aerospace science and technology disciplines for our school

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