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Laboratory of the Pulse Detonation Engine

The detonation-based Engine Laboratory belongs to “New Concept Jet Propulsion Technology Key Laboratory of Fundamental Science for National Defense” and focuses on the investigations of application fundamentals and key technologies of new concept detonation-basedpropulsion systems, mainly aiming at developing the pulse detonation engine (PDE) key technology, accelerating engineering application of PDE, and promoting China’s aero-space propulsion to obtain leap-forward development. The main research directions include: initiation of detonations in PDE within a short distance; numerical simulation and evaluation of thermal cycle performance on PDE; stability and controllability of PDE; principles of multi-mode combined detonation engines; principles of micro-scale pulse detonations; combustion diagnostics and pulse parameter measurement.

At present, the laboratory has a pure pulse detonation engine test bed, micro-scale pulse detonation test bed, actuator PDE bench and supercritical fuel test bed. The main equipment in laboratory includes: multi-channel parallel high-speed test data acquisition and processing systems, surveillance systems and optical test platform, high-performance computing workstation, FLIR-A40 thermal imager, Phantom v7.2 high speed photographic instrument, double pulse laser holographic system, LS-2000 laser split atomized particle size analyzer, three-dimensional hot-wire anemometer, laser schlieren apparatus.

The laboratoryfirst started the basic research on PDE in China from 1993. Laboratory has undertaken and successfully achieved projects founded by the national natural science fund, the defense pre-research foundation fund, four special founds for scientists from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Human Resources and Security, and dozens of provincial and ministerial-level founds. After 20 years of experimental and theoretical exploration, a systematic and innovative achievement in the field of this new concept aerospace propulsion has been made. Laboratory has become a renowned research institution for detonation propulsion both at home and abroad.


Fig. 1 Pulse detonation engine test bedFig. 2Operating and control room


Fig. 3 LS-2000 laser split atomized particle size analyzerFig. 4Schlieren system

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