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New Concept Jet Propulsion Technology National Defense Key Laboratory

1. Research Laboratory Introduction

Jet propulsion research laboratory is affiliated tonew-concept jet propulsion technology of national defense key discipline laboratory in Northwestern Polytechnical University, which was rated as science and technology innovation team of national defense division in 2007. The laboratory has 2 professors, 2lecturers, 1 laboratory technician, 9 PhD candidates, 15 postgraduates.

Professor Zhanxue Wang is the laboratory leader, who was chosen in "program for New Century Excellent talents", ministry of education in 2007. He is also the vice dean of School of power and energy in Northwestern Polytechnical University, academic committee vice dean of new-concept jet propulsion technology of national defense key discipline laboratory, core member of co-innovation center for advanced aero-engine in ministry of education, editorial committee member of journal of aircraft engine.

Professor Li Zhou obtained PhD of power engineering and engineering thermophysics in Xi’an Jiaotong University, then performed post-doctor research in aerospace science and technology postdoctoral research station, Northwestern Polytechnical University. She worked in Northwestern Polytechnical University from 2008, and engaged in academic visitor in Japan and United Kingdom. She has already published many SCI indexed academic paper in IMechE J. of Mechanical Engineering, IMechE J. of Aerospace Engineering, Experimental Technique, Engineering Application of Computational Fluid Mechanics et al.

The laboratory has Turbine-Based Combined-Cycle (TBCC) engine test rig, thrust vectoring nozzle and infrared radiation test rig, small-scaled low speed wind tunnel and high speed and large capacity of server which can perform unsteady simulation and large-eddy simulation for complicated flow phenomenon. The projects undertaken in the laboratory include 3National Natural Science Foundations, 2 National Defense Basic Research Projects, 1background model project of Equipment Department of China Air Force, 2Special Research Projects on Civil Aircraft, 8 plan projects of APTD Plan et al., 9 projects from other insititutes.

2. Academic Direction

1)Overall design and Multidisciplinary Optimization Design (MOD) of aircraft engine

Investigation on object-oriented overall performance prediction technology of aircraft engine, multidisciplinary design andoptimizationtechnology, variable cycle engine technology,intercooled recuperated cycle enginetechnology etc. are performed, the object-oriented overall performance prediction and analysis software of aircraft engine are developed, and has been successfully applied in power research institute, turbine institute of AVIC.

2)Design technology of Turbine-Based Combined-Cycle (TBCC) engine used for hypersonic aircraft

Overall design and cycle parameters matching of series and parallel TBCC, hypersonic aircraft / TBCC engine integrated performance prediction and experiment of small-scaled series TBCC engine are executed, The TBCC test rig is established which is unique in domestic colleges and universities.


3) Unsteady flow mechanism in turbomachinery flow

Unsteady prediction method based on modified time-inclined algorithm is developed to simulate the flow filed in turbomachinery. Breakthroughs are obtained on CFD method, flow mechanism and optimization design in turbomachinery filed, and technical approach can be provided for the design.


4) Novel exhaust system design and infrared radiation characteristics prediction

Design technology of S-shaped nozzle with low detectable characteristics, designtechnology of three bearing deflection nozzle, design technology of nacelle used for large turbofan engine, CFD simulation technology of thrust reverser flowfield of turbofan engine and infrared radiation characteristics prediction of exhaust system are investigated. The developed nacelle design software has been successfully applied in the nacelle design process of one large-scaled transport plane. The model experiment under thermal condition is firstly carried out in China for three bearing deflection nozzle used in short takeoff / vertical landing aircraft.

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5)CFD investigation and experimental verification technology of new flow control pattern

Systematic CFD and experimental investigation are performed on fixed geometry vectoring nozzle technology and blockerless thrust reverser technology. The first complete experimental data set is established in China for SVC nozzle, the matching relationship between fixed geometry vectoring nozzle and engine is solved for the first time in whole engine environment.

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3. Academic Achievements

The laboratory has been awarded 2 times from provincial progress prize in science and technology, and is the most published research team on TBCC engine and variable cycle engine filed in China. The TBCC test rig is established in the laboratory which is unique in domestic colleges and universities.The model experiment under thermal condition is firstly carried out in China for three bearing deflection nozzle used in short takeoff / vertical landing aircraft, this research achievement has been got attention of Qinjian Lou, governor of Shaanxi Province, and participated in the 4thHigher Education Fair of Shaanxi Province. More than 10 people in the laboratory attended the different domestic and international academic exchange activities, young teacher and graduate students go abroad to participate in academic exchanges every year.The laboratory has published about 60 academic paper from 2010, with 5 SCI indexed and about 30 EI indexed.Besides that, a teaching Material of 12thFive-Year Plan in Ministry and Information Technology is published.


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